In-line Ultrasonic Flow Meter (Custody & Non Custody)


Ultrasonic gas flow meters from SICK – quality that pays for itself

Every day, large quantities of natural gas flow from production facilities to municipal utilities and industrial consumers via large pipelines. Ownership of the gas often changes hands and must be precisely measured for billing purposes.

SICK’s product range comprises custody and non-custody ultrasonic gas flow meters for the oil and gas industry. SICK provides the right solution for various applications, from gas delivery to gas distribution. All devices feature high measurement accuracy and reliability.



The FLOWSIC600-XT is available in variants with 4, 4+1, 4+4, and 8 measurement paths to meet the requirements of every application, whether it is being used as a stand-alone or system solution.
In addition to the OIML R 137 Class 1.0 requirements, the FLOWSIC600-XT meets the requirements of Class 0.5 and AGA9 in their entirety.

The FLOWSIC600-XT contains i-diagnostics™ – an intelligent application diagnostics function – and Power In Technology™, which enables continuous measurement operation for up to three weeks in the event of a mains voltage failure.

These functions help ensure usability and unparalleled operational safety – and what’s more, the equipment offers the very best possible measurement accuracy and long-term stability.


  • Custody transfer measurement of natural gas
  • Transport and storage of gas
  • Onshore and offshore applications
  • Gas production applications with H2S and CO2 content


  • User-friendly product family
  • Automatic correction of pressure and temperature effects
  • Available for all operating conditions
  • Power In Technology™ for reliable backup operation
  • Intelligent application diagnostics with i-diagnostics™
  • Extendable with flow computers per connect-and-go


  • Low measurement uncertainty in every application
  • Excellent measurement data reliability and availability
  • The right ultrasonic gas flow measuring device for every application – without compromise
  • Simple device integration – even in compact systems
  • Quick and easy commissioning and checks



The FLOWSIC500 ultrasonic compact gas meter from SICK ensures highly accurate metering in natural gas distribution.

In absence of mechanical moving parts, the FLOWSIC500 is a robust, fail-safe and low-maintenance device – allowing for a significant reduction in operating costs.

It is overload-proof, accurate and is monitored by an intelligent diagnostics system. Recalibration is simple and straightforward by “replacing the cartridge”.

FLOWSIC500 can easily be integrated into existing measuring stations. The FLOWSIC500 operates either in an energy self-sufficient configuration or failsafe in network operation with battery back-up.

It complies with all relevant standards and regulations. When utilized in transfer and measuring stations, FLOWSIC500 ensures a continuous and blockage free gas supply.

Fields of applications

  • Natural gas distribution in transfer and measuring stations for municipal and regional gas suppliers
  • Measuring stations in industrial and commercial applications
  • Applications where continuous gas supply must be ensured

At a glance

  • Cutting-edge technology: ultrasound
  • Diagnostics and permanent operational check
  • Rugged and reliable due to lack of moving parts
  • Exchangeable cartridge
  • Straight inlet/outlet zone not required
  • Overload-proof
  • Optional integrated flow conversion / date registration
  • Battery or intrinsically safe power supply

Your Benefits

  • Ultimate measurement certainty and safety of continuous gas supply
  • Reduction of installation costs due to integrated volume correction
  • Simple installation, compatible with conventional technologies (turbine and rotary displacement meters)
  • Minimal operating costs due to being nearly maintenance-free
  • Easy recalibration due to straightforward cartridge replacement
  • Reliable under dynamic load changes
  • Self-sufficient operation



Gas flow meters for custody transfer and process applications.

The FLOWSIC600 measurement device is an ultrasonic gas flow meter and sets the standard in its market segment.

The visually technical design demonstrates that it is geared to the tough industry conditions.

The compact design with integrated cable routing means that the measuring system is rugged, insensitive to interference, low-maintenance, and has long-term stability.

The FLOWSIC600 features extensive diagnostics options to allow detection of malfunctions even before the measurement is affected. Versions with 2, 4, 4 + 1, or 4 + 4 measuring paths enable a variety of process applications, including custody transfer measurements.

Fields of applications

  • Custody transfer applications (natural gas, N2, O2, air, ethylene)
  • Onshore and offshore applications
  • Underground gas storage facilities (bidirectional measurment possible)
  • Cryogenic gas applications down to –194 °C
  • Also for process gases
  • For gases with high H2S component such as sour gas or biogas

At a glance

  • High efficient ultrasonic transducers
  • Direct path layout
  • Intelligent self-diagnostics
  • Compact, robust design
  • Integrated log book and data logger
  • Large measuring range 1:120
  • Bidirectional measurement
  • Low power consumption: 1<W

Your Benefits

  • Long-term stability, reliable measurement
  • Low maintenance due to intelligent self-diagnostics
  • Virtually immune to pressure regulator noise
  • Ultrasonic transducers can be exchanged under operating pressure
  • Wide application range