GSM Data Logger


ESPRO in an authorised distributor for Technolog Ltd – water related products in Singapore.

Technolog has over 30 years’ experience in the design and manufacture of battery powered data loggers, electronic pressure controllers for water & gas distribution networks and intrinsically safe products for use in explosive atmospheres. The data is quality checked, written to utilities’ corporate systems and can be viewed by logging into application specific website.

Compact SMS/GPRS Pressure & Flow Data Logger

Compact SMS GPRS Pressure & Flow Data Logger

Cello is a family of GSM data logging devices for water and gas applications. Tens of thousands of Cellos have been installed throughout the world and Cello has become an industry standard for remote GSM monitoring.

It is a fully integrated GSM/GPRS data logger, with optional external battery or power options to enable frequent data transmission and/or logging rates. The GSM network is used to transfer recorded data, meter readings and alarm messages to a host computer or to the Internet by GPRS. Housed in a rugged, IP68 enclosure, Cello has a custom designed aerial to maximise GSM signal in underground locations; this avoids the inconvenience and expense of above-ground kiosks.

  • Fully integrated GSM/SMS/GPRS Data Logger
  • Supports ‘average’ and ‘statistical’ recording
  • Up to two flow and two pressure inputs
  • Self-powered with internal or optional external battery for > 5 years
  • 15 minute, 30 minute or 60 minute data transmission using frequent data mode
  • Threshold and profile alarms
  • Daily meter index transmission
  • “Data on the web” option
  • UK Water Industry Telemetry Standard (WITS) compatible
  • Direct communication with Regulo PRV controller
  • Compact design for installation in boundary boxes and hydrant chambers
  • Configurable for special applications including step testing, meter sizing and consumption analysis

Flow and Pressure Data Logger

Flow and Pressure Data Logger

The Metrolog range of data loggers has been developed to provide low cost solutions for the monitoring of pressures and flows within water distribution networks.

  • 2 line light-activated backlit LCD
  • Internally powered and housed in a robust, fully waterproof enclosure (IP68)
  • Battery life > 5 years
  • Compatible with Technolog’s communication & configuration software for PCs, PDAs and hand held PCs
  • Metrolog P data loggers feature an integral pressure transducer

The Metrolog P : flow and pressure data logger utilising internal pressure transducer with a 3 way Mil-Spec flow input.
The Metrolog F : single channel flow data logger with no integral pressure sensor. The flow input cable is pre-wired to the unit.

Remote telemetry

Remote telemetry

A remote telemetry outstation delivering a scalable machine to machine (M2M) solution reducing user operating and capital costs.

Multiple site parameters are monitored, recorded and transmitted over2G (SMS/GPRS) or 3G networks, providing a comprehensive multi-application solution for the Utilities and Industry.

  • Build options for up to two pressure and eight user programmable digital or analogue input
  • Easily set-up using Technolog’s innovative optional WiFi communication interface
  • Proven bidirectional Cello communication with automatic gap filling ensuring high level data reliability and supporting remote product configuration
  • Remote set-up, monitoring and control through locally deployed PMAC software or web based WaterCore platform
  • Advanced channel profile and threshold alarms
  • Facilitates closed loop control of pressure reducing valves, pressure sustaining valves and variable speed pumps
  • High accuracy battery monitoring optimising maintenance and asset management programmes
  • Integral movement detection aiding preventative maintenance routines, asset tracking and enhanced data integrity critical for reporting
  • Low power design provides typically > 5 years battery life.
  • Optional external powered unit with “always-on” capability
  • Water temperature measurement
  • High frequency pressure transient detection critical to extending asset life and network modelling
  • Rugged, portable and waterproof to IP68
  • WITS compatible and verified

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