Physical Properties Analyzer


PAC is a leading global provider of advanced analytical instruments for laboratories and online process applications in industries such as refinery, petrochemical, biofuels, environmental, food & beverage, marine, offshore, subsea, and pharmaceutical.


The MicroDist online analyzer is designed to quickly and accurately determine the boiling range characteristics of various commercially available petroleum products, light and middle distillates, on
process streams.

DistillationThe easy-to-use MicroDist performs a complete distillation of the sample in less than 10 minutes. The results obtained correlate to the ASTM D86, ASTM D7345, ISO 3405 test methods and their analogs. Due to the fast and reliable measurements that match those obtained by quality control laboratories, the MicroDist enables precise and continuous adjustment of the process streams. An optional density meter allows for continuous analysis of Cetane Index.

Less variability translates into tighter control capabilities and allows upgrade maximization from low value to high value product. Increasing T90% by 1C may result in 0.5 to 1% additional Diesel production:

  • Depending on production capacity, this can impact up to $1M of incremental profits.
  • Optimize your refinery while meeting Diesel specs Applications Atmospheric Distillation, Density, Cetane Index


In-line viscosity measurement at the product specification temperature increases productivity and facilitates control in difficult processes ViscoSure Viscositycombines the proven oscillating piston technology with tight temperature control to provide viscosity analysis with unmatched precision.

With internal temperature control without using the traditional external oil bath, the ViscoSure is low maintenance with maximum instrument uptime and low cost of ownership. The results obtained correlate to the ASTM D7483 and ASTM D445 test methods. The fast and reliable measurements allow for precise and continuous adjustment of the process, while maintaining a high correlation to laboratory quality control results.

Sulfur and Nitrogen Analyzer

Sulfur and Nitrogen AnalyzerNSure is our next-generation total sulfur and total nitrogen analyzer offering reliable and repeatable measurements over a wide range, even during process swings and ensures tight correlation with primary test methods.

NSure‘s updated technology guarantees ease of use and maintenance. This innovative process solutions for gas, LPG and liquid samples is ideal for online monitoring of blending and refinery operations, as well as petrochemical, wastewater and emissions monitoring.

PAC instruments can be utilized in almost every area in the plant to help refineries ensure end product meet specifications and achieve profitability goals.

With PAC process solutions, customers will experience:

  • Increased speed and repeatability due to the real-time nature of the analysis rather than sampling and lab testing
  • Decreased cost of ownership
  • Increased productivity due to less interruption of production, sampling, or process anomalies.

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